How much of a retainer is required to save our date?

A R2000 non refundable retainer is required to reserve your date. The rest is payable three weeks prior to the wedding day unless other arrangements have been made and noted in the contract.

PLEASE NOTE: We see more than one couple for a specific date. No date will be provisionally held. Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of a signed contract and proof of payment of the deposit.

Do we own the rights of the photos that you take or do you?

You have the right to do whatever you want with the images, basically home use rights, which covers posting them anywhere you want, facebook etc, the only thing you can't do is use them for commercial purposes (such as advertising your own photography business, allowing a venue to use them for advertising the venue etc). If you want to enter competitions, we'd appreciate knowing about it so we can provide you with the higher resolution images. We retain the right to use the images to advertise our studio.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Steve - 083 2900 272


Definitely want to book you, now what?

The first step is to make sure that the date is still available. Then email me for a quote. Decide which package you want. Let me know and I will put a contract together. Once I have a signed contract and the retainer, then the date is yours. You are welcome to set up a consultation and come chat to me at any point in the process.

Do you offer traditional wedding photography? Photojournalism? Or both?

I offer a style which combines photojournalism with a fine art but also would like it to reflect your complete special day. I do encourage couples to have the formal group shots photographed. Even if you insist on something a little more traditional I will still see to it that the romantic touch to your happy beginning. All of my images reflect 'the moment' and I think that it shows.

How long do you require to do the portrait shots of the bride and groom?


We need at least 60 minutes of your time to do the portrait shots of the bride and groom, this doesn't include the time required to do the group photos. If 60 minutes isn't provided or catered for we can not guarantee that you will get the same quality of photos as those that you see in the portfolio.


Will all my photos be photoshopped?

Every image that is selected for your album or printed will go through Photoshop. All images created for the album, have modified tonal values and has been worked on by hand to get smoother skin tones and more of an artistic effect. All or most facial blemishes will be removed. We do NOT batch edit! We edit one by one.

Am I limited to the number of photographs you will take?

I take as many photos as the day allows and requires. I then edit these down depending on your package, these are placed on your slideshow DVD including the extras that are not included in your album.

Can you remove my double chin, mole, etc?

We are a studio based on a photojournalistic approach and while we try to make you look incredible on your wedding day, we do retouch skin and brighten eyes on close-ups, we also do perform photo shop surgery if the action is possible.

How far in advance do you typically book weddings?

1 to 24+ months in advance. I try not to book too far in advance as we use overseas suppliers and I need to keep an eye on the exchange rate. Please note that prices do change and will only be guaranteed for three months. (Due to the Rand/$Dollar exchange rate.)

Do we have to provide you with a meal?

We do require seating for two as well as a meal. If you are unable to provide us with a meal please let me know so that I can make an alternative arrangement.

Do you Take Table Shots of all the Guests?

I take as many photojourn style photos as possible during the evening of people's reaction to the Speeches, dancing etc. However … I would prefer not to do formal table shots.

Do you work with an assistant?

I usually work with an assistant.

Do you charge a fee if the wedding and reception are in more than one location? What if we want to go to a third location for pictures? Is there a charge for this?

The day belongs to you and we will travel with you to the wedding, reception and third location. If there is more than 100km of travel we will discuss the travel charges when we put the contract together.

Do you offer a website of my images? If so, is this included in the packages?

We offer a selection gallery which is sent to you on a CD to choose your album images from. The DVD is unedited and do not reflect anything like the final images. The edited images will be placed on a website password protected at for six - 12 months after the wedding, for you to order from any where in the world.

How do we go about meeting you?

I either meet couples at our studio, it's at shop nr 9, Victoria Mall (below the Cinemas) , Scott street , Newcastle , Natal  or at a nearby coffee shop, and if the distance is quite far, for an informal chat and to show you some samples we can do it via Telephone and my website. However bookings can be made without meeting up if the distance is too great. Most of our clients are from overseas and other provinces and can't meet us until the day or week before. Therefore a Skype connection can be setup. Evening and weekend appointments are also available on a limited basis.

My aunt/uncle/brother/friend is kind of a photo buff and we're sure he/she will have his camera. Is this okay?

As I am shooting with Nikon's Flagship Professional digital cameras, I seldom use flash, therefore other photographers could spoil the moment if they use flash. You also don't want your group photo halflooking somewhere else. Therefore during the main ceremonies I would prefer to be the only shooter.

Do you offer a pre-wedding consultation? If so, is this included in the packages or this is an extra fee?

I do offer a pre-wedding consultation to show recent work and just to talk about the process. This is usually about an hour and is free.

How long will it be before we can see our photos?

The photos take between eight to twelve weeks. before they are available. This is dependent on how busy the studio is.

We're not crazy about lots of group photos but our parents really want them. Do you do the standard group and family shots even though your style is more candid?

I do group shots. I try and limit these groups due to the time factor. You will need to assign one person (the best man or a maid of honor ) to help us with locating the members that will be included in the standard family photos. Please allow four minutes per image (two images per group) when planning your day. We would like to take a large group photo of all the guests as they exit the church. Please announce this before they exit the church.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you request a change in date, the retainer is transferable and prices are still guaranteed depending on my availability for the new date and as long as the new date is within 6 months from the original booking and the request is received 30 days from the original date. If the new date is more than one year from the original booking, then any new pricing in effect will apply.